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Reflection Is Good For The Soul

I had the honor to speak at my former high school’s graduation. I was eager to share my experiences in hopes it will help someone else to make a difference in his/her life.

I smiled as a rush of memories flooded in of my younger self. On my 45 minute commute, I blasted my favorite songs; however, the music was drowned out by my thoughts.

5 years ago, I remember I was insecure because: I didn’t like the color of my skin, the texture of my hair, or the way my body was not thin enough. I chuckled when I remembered how I thought life was about to be a breeze and be even better than what it was.

That day I spoke to the crowd as I went back in time to speak to my 18 year old. I said these words:

·Baby, your black is beautiful.

·You won’t imagine where you’ll be.

·The battles you went through were worth it.

·Keep fighting because your fight isn’t done but you have come so far.

·It’s gonna get worse before it gets better and you have to be here to see it.

·The people in your life now are not going to be there forever. Some of those same people will walk out of your life and it’s for the best.

·The people you’re going to meet is going to fill you with so much inspiration, love, and courage.

·Life sucks and will come at you fast but it has a way of working itself out. I thought I wanted to be an actress but there’s so much to do in the communications field and media and I’m gonna find a way to it all.

Although this may not completely apply to you, you can still write down your own words of encouragement.

As we’re going through the new year… keep going but take the reflect and give yourself the props you deserve. Write down your thoughts so you can always look back and REFLECT on them.

Have you worked towards your goal(s)?

What are some wins you had this year?

What experiences made you grateful?

I feel like we rarely reflect to look back at our lives to really register how far we come. I know for myself, I’m never truly satisfied or acknowledge my accomplishments. Because of my past, it makes me want to go harder on improving myself and ensuring that I accomplish every goal I have set for myself.

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