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Get A Head Start On The New Year

Get a head start on the New Year and don’t wait to get started on your 2020 goals! It’s the beginning of a new decade and it’s time to start thinking about you but you don’t have to wait, you can start NOW.

Below are my top five R’s that will guide you to starting now and how you can hold yourself accountable throughout the new year.


Be in your decisions. Take a stand for what you want and how you want to achieve it. Write down your thoughts so you can always look back and REFLECT on them.

Have you worked towards your goal(s)?

What are some wins you had this year?

What experiences made you grateful?


Admire yourself first, then others. Your abilities, qualities, and achievements can only excel in 2020. REMAIN focused and take your time.

Have you treated others the way you want to be treated?

How did you prove to be the boss you are?

Did you demand the respect you deserve?


Sometimes it’s okay to stop and change direction. Take time to WORK on yourself and to start over if needed.

What have you accomplished this year?

What do you want to achieve in the new year?

What’s your game plan to achieve more?


Have no problem with taking what has worked for you and bring it into the new year. Put a twist on it to help RAISE the stakes.

Are you afraid to stick to what you know?

Have you taken what’s worked and see what you can enhance?

Has everything worked out in your favor? If not, try again!


There’s always an explanation for something. READ in between the lines when things get tough so you can stay positive.

What was the reason that this happened to you?

Are you sure this is the right decision?

How much are you willing to give to achieve your goals?

Get Started and slay the new year!

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