8 Must Watch Suspenseful Movies On Amazon Prime

Winding down and turning on a movie is my favorite way to relax and give myself a mental break. I love to laugh, but sometimes I want to spice up my watch list and a suspenseful movie is a perfect way to do that.

They give you just the right amount of adrenaline rush, won’t have you screaming like a horror movie, and as the suspense builds up you’re engaged. Will the murderer finally be revealed? Will the mystery finally be solved? Is our hero really insane?

We want the answers and continue watching hoping we can get some closure. So if you’re looking for a movie to hold your attention, consider adding these 8 suspenseful movies to your watch list.

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1. A Simple Favor

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily’s (Blake Lively) disappearance.

2. Abduction

Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) has always had a feeling that he’s living someone else’s life. Just as he begins to piece together his true identity, he is targeted by a team of trained killers, forcing him on the run with the only person he can trust.

3. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony

A faithful wife (Taraji P. Henson) is tired of standing by her devious husband is enraged when she learns she has been betrayed.

4. Hotel Artemis

In Hotel Artemis, set in riot-torn Los Angeles, a Nurse (Jodie Foster) runs a secret members-only emergency room for criminals.

5. Lila and Eve

Lila (Viola Davis), a grief-stricken mother attends a support group where she meets Eve (Jennifer Lopez), who urges her to take matters into her own hands to track down her son’s killers.

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6. Out of Time

Matt Lee Whitlock ( Denzel Washington), is a respected chief of police in small Banyan Key, Florida. He must solve a vicious double homicide before he falls under suspicion and seeks to find out the truth.

7. How To Get Away With Cheating

Professor Alex P. Keating and his wife Olivia’s marriage has hit a bit of a dry spell but his professional life could not be better. Based on the success of his self help book, How To Get Away With Cheating, he is in immediate negotiations for his own television show.

8. The Circle

A woman (Emma Watson) lands a job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, where she becomes involved with a mysterious man.

These 8 Amazon Prime movies gotta be added to your watch list. When you tune in to any of the movies above, comment on your thoughts below or tag me on your Instagram stories to share!

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