Simple Ways I Learned How To Level Up My Marketing With Russel Brunson

When I started my blog, I was so excited to get in-depth about my wellness journey, fashion, and connect with my audience on a deeper level rather than only doing so through long Instagram captions.

To be completely honest with you, after 3 months of consistently publishing blog posts, the traffic to my blog wasn’t as high as I hoped. I thought to myself “how can I get people over to my website”? Amidst my search for new marketing strategies, I discovered Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers by Russell Brunson.

Russell Brunson is a Best-Selling Author & CEO of a $100M software company called ClickFunnels. His bio alone made me very excited to start reading Traffic Secrets. In this book, Russell Brunson reveals how to master evergreen traffic strategies that will help you find your dream customers and audience.

The secrets and tips shared throughout this book are focused on physical products but these same tips can apply to bloggers like myself who are looking to grow their readers, email list, and improve their social media presence.

Have you ever started reading a book and then become distracted or started to read sporadically? I’m guilty of doing this myself. My favorite part about reading Traffic Secrets is the 30 Day Challenge Brunson provides his readers. Fun fact: it takes about 30 days to form a habit! By completing the 30-day challenge, you’ll learn key strategies to increase traffic to your site.

Traffic Secrets is easy to read as well. Brunson gives plenty of real-life examples and uses diagrams throughout the book to keep your attention. With the 30-day challenge, he leads you through the activities that will help build your confidence in applying the tactics to drive traffic to your site or content.

The book is broken down into three sections: Your Dream Customer, Fill Your Funnel, which goes into buying ads, traffic secrets social media, and last but not least Growth Hacking.

Traffic Secrets gives you over 20 strategies to level up your marketing, here are 3 of my favorite secrets and my take away from each:

  1. Secret #3: Hook, Story, Offer, and The Attractive Character

  2. Every piece of good marketing has a hook, story, and offer. This is great for creating a compelling caption on social media.

  3. Secret #5: Traffic That You Own

  4. The importance of owning your email list and not only relying on social media as these popular sites are always changing.

  5. Secret #10: Instagram Traffic Secrets

  6. Sharing your journey through progress, transparency, and not perfection.

The thought of learning a new skill/marketing technique was a little intimidating to me however, Brunson breaks down his traffic secrets in very simple terms. I was truly able to grasp and apply these strategies to promote my blog and level up my social media presence.

Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers is pure gold for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Get your free Traffic Secrets copy to start reading!

If you do grab a copy, let me know over on Instagram @shanelamari or comment below and we can trade stories and tips. I’m confident these strategies will help you gain traffic, find new customers, and level up your presence on social media.

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