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Saving More and Controlling My Money With Chime

improve my finances by switching to chime

improve my finances by switching to chime

Going on a financial journey and managing your money can be stressful, trust me I know. Growing up, I wasn’t taught financial literacy and how to manage my money from my parents. They did the best they could and naturally, I picked up those poor money habits so it was up to me to change those ways.

As a young adult in college, this is when I began my own financial journey and unlearning poor money habits. I was taking care of myself and I truly felt free being able to chip in with bills at home, go out with friends, and swiping my debit card whenever I want. Before I knew it, my frivolous spending and bills started to catch up with me, in hidden and overdraft fees from my bank.

I thought about how many bills I could pay and how I can truly save for the future with that extra money if It wasn’t for the bank fees I had to pay. Did you know Americans lose $62,500 to overdraft fees every minute, and at traditional banks cost Americans an average of $250 a year? After various overdraft fees and reading money management books— I was fed about my poor spending habits, overdraft fees, and an empty savings account.

improve my finances by switching to chime

The Perks

When I found Chime I couldn’t sign up fast enough after reading about their perks:

  1. Chime gives you a savings account

  2. no monthly service fees

  3. no minimum account balances

  4. overdraft protection for eligible members with SpotMe

  5. get paid up two days EARLY and MORE

All these amazing perks made it easy to switch to Chime. Compared to other banks I’ve used in the past, Chime truly has made banking so easy for me over the past few years. The app is so easy to use and I can track my spending habits, which has led to me cutting back on the amount of money I spend on buying outside food and saving more money by eating at home.

improve my finances by switching to chime

Grow Your Savings

One of my favorite parts about Chime is the app’s automatic savings feature! Chime helps me save money any time I spend and get paid– AUTOMATICALLY. This has made it much easier to save every time I swipe my card and help me reach my savings goals faster. If I have an emergency, I know I have savings to support myself. If there is a major emergency, Chime will allow me to overdraft up to $100 without charging a fee since I have a direct deposit. I haven’t had to pay an overdraft fee or had an empty savings account thanks to me taking control of my finances and switching to Chime.

Chime has been one of the best financial decisions I’ve made and I have never had more of a peace of mind with my finances– that is true freedom. Your money & financial journey is secured with Chime. Head over to Chime to learn more and take control of your finances.

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