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Proper Wild Review

Did you ever need a midday pick me up? Or maybe you need some extra energy before a big meeting?

Sometimes I just want an extra boost of energy before a workout. So I’m going to give Proper Wild a try and share my first impressions and review with all of you!

I cracked one open before the gym to see the benefits. A small, but powerful, 2.5 Fl oz bottle makes it easy for you to throw it into your bag and go. Proper Wild comes in Ginger, Blackberry, and Peach Mango. I tried the Blackberry flavor and I couldn’t be anymore excited!

My initial thought was to put the pack of 6 into the refrigerator, but what’s great is that you can drink Proper Wild room temperature and can refrigerate after opening! I shook the small bottle up before drinking it, and I was a little nervous about the taste. The blackberry went down smoothly and with four sips it was done. After each sip it was bitter but to me it’s something I can get over.


• Long-Lasting Smooth energy without the crash

• Clean Ingredients. NO preservatives, NO artificial sweeteners, NO B.S.

• Brain Fuel Boost your focus and productivity

• Reduced Jitters stay relaxed and focused for hours

How does it compare to other energy drinks and tea?

When to use it? As a morning boost, during a full day of activities, working or partying late! It’s designed to maximize your brain’s fullest potential.

Within 15 minutes I was feeling fully pumped up and killing it on the treadmill. I now I have to make sure I keep a Proper Wild shot on me at all times for this type of mid day boost. From my use, it certainly lives up to it’s claims and compassion! You can get it your next Proper Wild shot of energy in any 3 flavors. Use the code “SHANELA” to save 10% off your order.`

Let me know how you love it when you try it !




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