An Easy Smoothie Recipe With Revive Superfoods

Smoothies are the best way to get all your nutrients in one sitting. You can read more my go-to smoothie recipe in an earlier blog post. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I slack off when it comes to making my daily smoothies. I get lazy and don’t want to gather all the ingredients or run out of one of the ingredients! This is where Revive Superfoods come in to save the day and I couldn’t wait to share this easy smoothie recipe with you.

Since I’m working and blogging from home, life is busy. I’m always looking for ways to limit my grocery store runs. I love that I can get my smoothies curated to my taste buds and mailed straight to my door. When I found about Revive Superfoods I couldn’t sign up fast enough!

Gone are the days where I miss making my smoothie because I’m missing ingredients or can’t run to the grocery store. Revive Superfoods delivers healthy, preservative-free smoothies in the best form: frozen, ready to blend, and right to your doorstep.


  1. Your choice of Revive Superfoods smoothie cup

  2. Choice of liquid to add

  3. One scoop of protein (not necessary)

  4. A blender

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How To Order

On their website, you can sort your smoothie options by the benefits and ingredients you would like in your smoothie. Revive Superfoods’s message is that they are “not just a provider of healthy, convenient smoothies; we are storytellers of a better life” truly spoke to me. To stay on track with a healthy lifestyle, it has to be convenient! I have definitely slacked off in that area before due to the various excuses or inconveniences on why I can’t do something or stick to my healthy eating habits.

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Choose a plan for your lifestyle

All their cups contain farm-frozen whole ingredients that are 100% dairy-free, no added sugar, and gluten-free. Revive Superfoods also makes everything even easier for you with their weekly or monthly delivery service. Once you create your box and it’s delivered to you, all you have to do is add your choice of liquid then blend until smooth. I usually add almond milk to give my smoothie extra flavor.

No more researching recipes or sourcing ingredients. I have a coupon code for you: “SHANELAMARI55” to get your first box of smoothies discounted. When you use my code, you save some major coins to make your healthy lifestyle a little more convenient.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the convenience of Revive Superfoods and this easy smoothie recipe. When you make your order, comment below, or tag me on your Instagram stories to let me which smoothie you made.

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