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How To Clone Yourself In Pictures — Super Easy!

how to clone yourself in photos super easy

After the various questions and love on this picture, I knew I had to spill the tea for you guys. It’s super easy to clone yourself WITHOUT using Photoshop. I’m here to break it down for you! Now let’s get into it.

Step 1: Download the Snapseed app. This is a FREE app for iPhones.

Step 2: Get a tripod or place your phone somewhere it can stand STILL.

Now, my boyfriend was my tripod so due to human error and moving the editing took longer. So please get a tripod and make the editing easier for yourself.

Step 3: Now pose!! Put on your self-timer and work it, switch outfits if you want to.

DON’T sit in the same spot. By sitting in differents spots it allows for the illusion to take place when you edit the picture.

Step 4: Finally, head over to the Snapseed app.

Step 5: Open up the first picture you want to use. Then using the double exposure tool, add in another picture to clone yourself then move the brush to 100% opacity. To finish cloning, use the middle brush tool to clone over that same picture.

Watch the video below or on Youtube for a live step by step tutorial.

Now you have your cloned photo to shock your internet besties and show off various outfits all in ONE picture. Be sure to share your gorgeous, clone picture with me over on Instagram @shanelamari!

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