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Adding BABOR Products to My Skincare Routine

You know skincare is my passion– it’s the first thing anyone sees! I’m excited to share a new line with you all. I tried BABOR, the No. 1 professional skincare brand in Europe, and No. 2 most sustainable brand in Germany. They promise each product is made with quality. This tagline alone made me excited to try the BABOR line. 

Not only does the company name sound luxurious, but it also leaves your skin feeling just as luxurious and refreshed. 

German beauty is all about craftsmanship, science, performance, and quality. Our products and formulations are highly maximum results-driven efficient; results think with and minimum steps.”- Micheal Schummert Global CEO, BABOR Beauty Group


The first step is to cleanse as you normally would however, BABOR has combined the natural cleansing powers of water and oil with a unique 2-step, deep-action cleanser. The HY-ÖL is made from pure natural plant oils and quillaja extract used to intensify cleansing without causing tightness. Next, follow up with the phytoactive hydro base which is made to treat, refresh, and add radiance to the skin as you cleanse.

Result: This combination promotes skin vitality and left my skin feeling clean, soft, smooth, and very treated.


Now let’s treat our skin! This set is a 7-day treatment to hydrate, rejuvenate, help reduce dryness lines. It’s made with a yellow horned poppy extract that helps remodel and firm facial contours. 

Result: This was my favorite part! My skin was glowing after applying this treatment.

Fun Fact: This set contains 3 of their best-selling AMPOULE SERUM CONCENTRATES wrapped in gold for the very first time. This GOLD COLLECTION not only celebrates feminine beauty and strength – but also supports and empowers women who are turning their professional goals into a reality. Sales of the WITH LOVE: THE GOLD COLLECTION will support a scholarship program initiated jointly by BABOR and CIDESCO, the leading international organization for professional esthetic training.


Last but not least, let’s lock in all our hard work and moisturize our skin. The collagen cream was created to improve the firmness and help visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The cream is thick but also lightweight enough to not feel so heavy on my skin.

After this routine my skin appears calm, glowy, and feels more relaxed. I couldn’t wait to update you guys over my Instagram stories!

BABOR is a skincare line that is here to stay in my everyday routine since it lived up to the promise of quality made products. Be sure to check out their website and Instagram to see more of their amazing products!




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