1 Major Skincare Hack You Need for Clearer Skin

1 major skincare hack you need for clearer skin is to stop using towels on your face! Easier said than done right? Trust me, I know. Clear skin can be achieved simply by having great genetics and of course great skincare habits. Here are three reasons why this is a major skincare hack you need for clearer skin:

1. A Towel Can Build Up Bacteria

A bathroom towel could be clean looking but in reality, a lot of dust, dirt, oil, bacteria, and even makeup build up a cloth towel. A not so fun fact is that a towel hanging within a 6 – to 20- foot radius of a toilet can easily collect bacteria!

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2. You have dry or sensitive skin

If you have very dry, sensitive skin or have a skin condition like eczema, you’re the most at risk of breakouts and are acne prone. Using a towel could spread bacteria or fungus on to your clean face.

If you’re acne prone-like me, “you should be replacing or washing your towel daily,” Allure says.

3. Using a towel can cause irritation

The rubbing and friction can irritate your clean face. Also, towels can collect bacteria that can be redistributed onto your skin when you’re patting it dry with a towel.

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A simple fix: Replace your towel

Once I learned these 3 facts, I had to make the switch to using Clean Skin Club‘s clean towels to combat all those issues. After cleansing, I use one towel to pat my face dry.

I love the towels because I don’t have to worry about constantly replacing or washing my towel to avoid breakouts. After I use one clean towel I throw it away!

The clean towels have been a game changer to my skincare routine. Try it and save using my code shanela to save on your box of towels and all their other chemical-free skincare products!

How do you like to care for your skin? Let me know below.

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