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The Best Protein Shake Recipe with 22 Days Nutrition

Protein shakes are one of my favorite healthy snacks and meal replacements. They’re a great way to quickly get all your protein as well as fill you up.

When should you drink a protein shake?

That all depends on you and your goals! I typically drink a shake in the morning as a light breakfast, for a post-workout snack, or for dinner as a meal replacement if I’m looking to lose weight. The only time I don’t recommend drinking a shake is right before bed if you put any energizing ingredients into your shake, otherwise, you won’t be able to fall asleep!

I often get asked my recommendations for protein powders. So, today I’m sharing my go-to protein shake recipe using 22 Days Nutrition’s vanilla protein powder. This simple shake is jam-packed with fruit and brimming with nutrition.

Queen Beyonce, even used this plant-based protein powder in her diet to prepare for her infamous Coachella performance. Marco Borge, the owner of the company, trainer, exercise physiologist, and New York Times Best Selling author says 22 Days Nutrition is all about creating healthy habits that empower everyone with optimum health!

Why 22 Days Nutrition?

As someone who is incorporating plant-based products into my lifestyle, I love that 22 Days Nutrition is a plant-based company and their protein powder made with clean ingredients— meaning all of their ingredients are:

  1. USDA Organic

  2. Non-GMO

  3. Soy-free

  4. Gluten-free

  5. No Artificial flavors

  6. No Artificial colors

  7. No Artificial sweeteners

Now, let’s get into the best shake ever!

Here's what you’ll need:

  1. 1 scoop of 22 Days Nutrition Organic Plant-Based Vanilla Protein Powder

  2. 1 cup of Almond milk

  3. 1 Banana

  4. ½ of Mixed berries

  5. 1 cup of ice cubes or water

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until the mix is a creamy texture. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

22 Days Nutrition’s protein powder is a great way to incorporate plant-based eating and is a satisfying way to help you stay on track with your health and nutrition goals. Be sure to check out their Instagram for more plant-based tips and recipes.

Ready to make your own vanilla protein shake? Head over to 22 Days Nutrition to grab your vanilla protein powder and use my code SHANELA (valid until 12/21/2020) to get money off your order and enjoy the best shake you’ll ever make.


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