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5 Tips To Help Make Your Move Super Easy

If you are in the middle of moving, you know how stressful it can be. There are several tips and tricks to help even the simplest of solutions and also help prepare you for the big day. Moving takes time and that is something that many of us don’t have perfected.

With working from home, children to take care of, meals to plan, and then attempting to pack up our home, it can seem overwhelming. One of the biggest ways to solve this dilemma is to prepare for your big move weeks in advance if possible.

The effort will not only save your anxiety and frustration but can leave you feeling in a better state if you start early rather than later. Here are 5 tips to help make your move super easy as you prepare for your new home!

1. Gett Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

This might seem tedious but can save you hours of screaming matches or even packing them up. Go through each room and grab two boxes to use. Label each box with a donation pile/charity and trash. Put items that you haven’t used, worn, or bring you joy in one of the boxes. If you are deciding to keep the item, put it in a separate pile so it doesn’t get accidentally thrown away or donated.

2. Pack Carefully

Use newspaper, packing paper, packing foam, or bubble cushioning to separate and protect any fragile items you have. Wrap each item separately. Use any extra packing material to fill in empty spaces in a box to minimize the movement. If you're packing up plates or china, pack vertically rather than stacking the items on top of each other. There are actually packing kits designed specifically for fragile items such as dishes and glasses to help you during this process if you are unsure.

Another essential tip when it comes to packing is to not overload them. This is a common mistake when using oversized boxes to pack it as much as you can. In theory, the heavier the box, the harder it is to move and the greater the chances that the bottom of the box can fall open. Boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds and if it’s too heavy to lift, it can make it harder for you to move.

3. Create A Packing List

Creating a packing list can be helpful for you to keep yourself organized and on top of the items you want to bring with you in your move. Small boxes are great for photos, toys, kitchenware, and books. Medium boxes work well for a few appliances as well as personal belongings such as shoes and cookware. Larger boxes or extra large boxes are ideal for larger items such as pillows, sweaters, blankets, comforters, linens or coats.

If you need to hang up any clothes, get a wardrobe box that allows you to pack groups of clothes on hangers and also makes it much easier for you to take out and hang up in your new closet as well. There are also heavy duty boxes that come in various sizes for televisions to be packed up safely. Keep a lookout for packing tape, packing foam, bubble cushioning, and tape dispensers to make it easier for you to pack, tape and move on. Also, moving blankets are useful to help protect any furniture that you are moving.

Image: Weston Moving and Storage

4. Hire A Moving Company

If the packing list seems overwhelming and it’s already overwhelming attempting to time manage everything as it is, I would suggest hiring a moving company to assist you in this tedious and long process. What could take you months can take them only a few hours if even a day to pack up your belongings safely and timely. This does cost extra money out of your pocket however it also might be the best money you spent to give you peace of mind and focus on other items that need to get done before you move.

If you live in Florida, a reputable and trustworthy company to call is Weston Moving and Storage. They believe in quality service, honesty, and integrity above all else so it’s no surprise that they really treat you and your family as if you were one of their own family members. These professionals are experts to assist you in the big transition of you and your loved ones! I really appreciate that they can help move even the heaviest of items such as safe’s in the Broward County area plus oversized couches, mattresses, and more!

5. Organize A First Night Kit

You can also create a first night kit for your new home as well when you are moving! This will help you and your family to keep everything you need in one central area. Keep an alarm clock, change of clothes, any pain or prescription medicine, toiletries, cleaning supplies or paper towels, scissors, tape and dispense, bedding and linens, work gloves or hammer, snacks, a few paper plates, and eating utensils, trash bags, and extension cords and a few toys or games for your kids to play while you unpack.

Hopefully, these checklists and ideas can help you transition easier to your new location. Happy moving!

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