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a wellness movement empowering women to successfully earn residual income from their smartphones

Busy: the act of being preoccupied with purpose... in CONFIDENCE!

Multiple streams of income is necessary when wanting to build your success! ⁣Let’s be real — I can’t live my best life, like I want to working one job in the media industry. I chose to put my health and pockets first when this opportunity came across my lap. In divine timing and out of faith, I partnered with a reputable Fortune 500 health & wellness company and launched my own business as a brand ambassador. Since joining I have lost 10 pounds, I enjoy sharing the things I love and encouraging people to make their health their first priority. 
Since 2018, because of this freedom, I have successfully supplemented my income every month. I created an emergency fund, I paid down and continue to pay off debt, I prioritize hair, skin, and personal care, I book flights to travel the world, and I have a road map to plan for a better future. Does this sound like something you would be interested in ?
I've trained over 100+ women to do the same. Today, BGW (busy girls win) is expanding and impacting many more women to supplement their income. If you need another avenue of financial support, let's chat. This may be exactly what you've been praying for!
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